Halo Jones

By now, I think everyone knows the story behind the creation of Halo Jones. But for the few who missed it or saw some unauthorised version, here is how I remember events. Now, I'm not talking about the 'birth' of Halo Jones on the living room carpet at Alan Moore's house. That was something completely different. I'm going way further back than that. Back to my attempts to get the editors of 2000AD to pay attention to their legion of female readers. Whom I considered were being short changed by the depiction of female characters in the stories. My phrase at the time was: 'Men with tits'! This was before Alan came along with his Skizz story, which did have a believable female lead. I'd asked the editor if we could serialise Bobby Heinlein's 'Friday' and gave him a copy to read. The answer was 'No!'

I must point out that I don't consider Anderson Psi to be a 'genuine' female character. There's a dose of: 'Girl'.....woman's intuition! Hey! She has to be a psychic! ( Duh! )

So I was on a mission to get a real woman's story into the mag. And it wasn't till I'd done another long stretch of RoboHunter that the editor asked me what I fancied working on next. By then Alan had written his Skizz saga and we'd done a couple of inconsequential future-shock stories together. So I asked the editor if I could work with Alan on a girl's story. It was at a signing party and he'd probably had a drink or three, so he said 'Fine! Let's go ask him.' Thus I found myself chatting to the hairy beast himself. And, whaddayaknow, he liked the idea.

While Alan went away - for six months - to dream up a suitable story of 'Girls, Rockets and Monsters', Steve Moore was brought in to write a short piece with a female character. "To see if I could draw women"!!! Lol. I guess they hadn't been paying much attention to my work. And obviously weren't aware of my history of working on Love stories for the Swedish Magazine market.

So The Amazing Maze Dumoir was briefly to grace the pages of 2000AD.

But as for Halo..... Well, believe it or no -I have been harangued by 'womens' rights activists', accusing me of 'using' Halo, and consequently all women, to glorify myself or some such. I really don't believe they have read the story or even looked at the pictures properly. Halo is NOT eye-candy. The reason so many young men fall in love with her is because she has a reality. A real girl in a quite fanciful story. But then - you can't please everybody.

Halo has survived long past her publishing 'sell by date' back in the eighties!!

The rest is 'future' history. ;)