Mr Miracle .............. and Big Barda

My sister, Frances, who was a well respected textile designer, called me up one day in a desperate emotional state. Her husband had not only run off with a younger woman, but was also trying to run off with her company, as well as trying to sell her patented designs to the competition. So I invited her down to work with me on the new series I'd just been offered by DC comics, namely 'Mr Miracle'. A way of escaping from the madness of an ugly divorce and to rebuild her confidence by doing something away from Textiles. So I arranged it with Andy Helfer, the editor, that she should be the colourist on the series.

And those first few episodes were remarked on as being some very tasteful colour too!

The only real problem with the series was the writer.

I'd taken on the contract, very much out of respect for the great Jack 'King' Kirby. Who had single handed shaped so much of American comics. So, my taking on the project was a salute to the legend.

It was just a shame that the writer had no sense of respect for the material. And was trying to make it a tasteless 'sit-com' full of lame jokes and poiuntless domestic interplay. Maybe a better writer could have made it work. But, sad to say - he wasn't up to the job.

I did my best with what I was offered and changed what was truly awful about it. But, eventually, Andy called me up to ask if there might be a chance that they could recognise the stories when I had finished with them. My response was - that if he'd done his job as 'Editor', I wouldn't have to be changing so much!

I was subsequently dropped as series artist! ;)