Hoagy n Stogie

And all because Superman said 'No smoking!'

Stogie, more properly: Carlos Sanchez Robostogie, was born of necessity!

After I had drawn quite a few episodes of 'Day of the Droids' - the better pages, with protesting robots marching through the streets with their Amalgamated Androids Union banners - the editors of 2000AD decided on a smoking ban for the characters. So, Sam had to lose his trademark cigar! I had no input into the resulting mess, where 'Bodger' was employed to white out Sam's cigars from the pages, often taking Sam's chin stubble with it! But, amusingly, forgetting to remove the puffs of smoke that trailed after Sam as he ran through the panels! ;)

But Sam had to have a 'cigar'!! So, the ever resourceful, John Wagner came up with the idea of a Robot cigar that restricted Sam's nicotine intake. And so Stogie was born.

My first renditions of him are a very pale shadow of the powerful character he was to become.

I think the turning point for my visualisation of Stogie came in the Filby case, where Sam has to give Stogie CPR after he has fallen intothe swimming pool. And of course the major role he played in the Slaying of Slade story, as seen opposite - one of my favourite images of Stogie in the black and white series. Though his Mexican hat dance in 'Play it again Sam' takes some beating! ;)

Hoagy and Stogie have their own devoted fans. So this page is dedicated to them.



As a team they are irresistably cute and stupid in almost equal measures.

It has been great fun helping them to stumble into all sorts of predicaments, mostly down to Hoagy's dumb 'built from a kit' routine. And having Stogie presuming they can shoot their way out of any situation.

A lot of fun to draw. ;)